Your path to wellness is our priority -あなたのウェルネスが、最優先-

Your path to wellness is our priority -あなたのウェルネスが、最優先-

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Mother’s lifestyle and diet during pregnancy programs the baby

“The mother’s womb is like a classroom where mom teaches and programs the baby for food preferences, and stress management. The womb is also an area where mom could program the baby for health challenges later in life.

Many studies have indicated that mother’s nutritional habits and inadequacies as well as poor stress management habits could result in health challenges later in the adult offspring. The conditions in the mother’s womb are critical for the wellness of the baby in the short and long term. Fortunately, some of the bad programs from the womb can be corrected with good knowledge and lifestyle choices.

Learn and adopt good nutritional management system and healthy lifestyle for the future health of your adult child.

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BPS(Biological Positioning System~生物学的ポジショニング・システム)とは、GPS(グローバル・ポジショニング・システム)のように、健康状態の現在地を把握することによって、その後の質の高いウェルネスへの道筋を示すというママドウ博士独自の概念です。私たちの体の状態は、胎内にいる時から現在に至るまでの生物学的特性と、生活の全てが影響しています。