Your path to wellness is our priority -あなたのウェルネスが、最優先-

Your path to wellness is our priority -あなたのウェルネスが、最優先-

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Importance of the breast milk for a human baby

After carrying her baby for 9 months, the continual supply of breast milk after birthing is the best gift a mother can give to her child.
Breast milk is not just for food.
It contains very important and vital growth factors that are necessary for the proper development of every part of the baby including the brain.
It should be noted that 80% of the brain is developed in the first two years: thus, it is important to give to the human baby what nature has intended for the human baby.
Another important characteristic of the breast milk is that it varies as the baby grows in order to meet the baby’s development needs.
Plant extracts do not have the correct components needed for human baby.
Don’t give your babies empty food extracts that are way different and inadequate from what a healthy human mother’s milk is naturally intended to provide for a human baby.
Many organs and tissues in the baby rely on the dynamic components of the mother’s breast milk to develop and function properly.
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BPS(Biological Positioning System~生物学的ポジショニング・システム)とは、GPS(グローバル・ポジショニング・システム)のように、健康状態の現在地を把握することによって、その後の質の高いウェルネスへの道筋を示すというママドウ博士独自の概念です。私たちの体の状態は、胎内にいる時から現在に至るまでの生物学的特性と、生活の全てが影響しています。